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Andrea James
Andrea James
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I began playing bridge in the Los Angeles area in 1995. I attended my first regional and joined the ACBL in the spring of 1996. I played a lot on OKbridge. I met my late husband, Charley James, in 1998 at the Reno Regional and we began playing together a few weeks later. We played throughout 1999 and won about 300 points together that year. 

We built a nice system and played it for over 18 years. 12-14NT, 2/1, lots of fun gadgets. Some that probably no one else plays or would want to play, but they fit in well with the whole package. I'm starting to write it up as we never kept much in the way of notes. 

In the last few months I have played with about 24 new partners. It's very strange after playing with one partner and one system for so long. 

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