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Jacek Kalita

On November 21st, current Reisinger, Spingold, and Bermuda Bowl champion Jacek Kalita will enter The Well. Got a question for him? Here's your chance to ask him directly!

Jordan Chodorow
Jordan Chodorow
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In 2003, I won the North American Pairs B.

My play of the hand has been featured in the (late) New York Times bridge column.

I am an expert vugraph commentator on Bridge Base Online, and a popular lecturer, teacher and professional.

I have served on the West Los Angeles Unit Board since before the turn of the century and am currently in my third term as the Unit President.

I practice tax law in Westwood and also frequently handle purchases and sales of aircraft, yachts, and major works of art.

I am a four-time California crossword champion. I have also been a U.S. Open tennis umpire and a professional film critic.

Thousands of my movie reviews can be found at

I also enjoy attending concerts, theater, and Clippers and Kings games.

I live in the North Westdale area of West Los Angeles with my boyfriend of eleven years, Daniel, and our Rottweiler, Gia.


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