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Norm Gordon
Norm Gordon
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Took up Bridge in 1999 at age 45, and amassed over 3,000 points (mostly gold) in 4 years. Earned 75 WBF points in world championships in 2002. 33 Blue Ribbons. Have not played much since then. I do read the ACBL monthly magazine and subscribe to The Bridge World as well as read the daily bridge column in the newspaper. Have read about 50 books on Bridge. In some ways reading books and magazines is a better way to improve at Bridge than just playing. Still I would love to play again in some NABCs or large Regionals (Gatlinburg?).

I am astounded at how some partners are in love with you when you pull off a triple squeeze and get a top or pickup IMPs yet prefer to look for a new partner when there is a bidding misunderstanding that leads to a bad result.

While I really like winning, I believe partnership harmony is much more important than 1 board or 1 event. I like to review boards for LEARNING PURPOSES and not to pat ourselves on the back for good boards and argue or complain about bad boards.

I once had a "discussion" with an ex-partner saying "you cannot bid a weak hand and a strong hand the same way. Otherwise, how does partner know how to continue?" to which they replied "That's what card sense and intuition are for."

If you believe more in logic and deductive reasoning than card sense and intuition and think partnership harmony trumps both, and you like to play both online and tournaments, and are happy to play once/week most of the time except when we are at live tournaments, are open to review boards to learn from each other and clear things up for the future (as opposed to never wanting to discuss boards after an event) I would love to hear from you.

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