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Ronnie Burman
Ronnie Burman
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Believer in Paul Marston's and Lukasz Slawinski's ideologies. My hobby is playing against HUMs (high five to all HUM players). Love to play various systems after reading full system notes.

Favorite Quote from Paul Marston from his Moscito 2005 write-up

"If you don’t want to play bridge like this, you don’t belong in open competition. One day a leader with vision and courage will come along and he or she will tear down all this senseless red tape. No more mid chart, no more brown sticker, no more green systems, no more HUM systems, etc – just bridge. Thegame will flourish and we will remember these red tape days in much the same way that we remember Communism. Maybe that’s a bit tongue in cheek but I long for the time when we can try to solve the bridge puzzle with only the laws of the game to concern us. Sadly, I am not holding my breath. Right now there is little resistance to the WBF/ ACBL line. This is because most players are happy to choose their methods from the official list. The mood will only change when a high profile body of players decides to strive for something better."


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