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Weishu Wu
Weishu Wu
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Serious bridge player. Used to play only a couple of NABCs and local regionals each year but now playing more local sectionals and club games. Having about 2500 master points about a quarter of which are platinum points. 


The most enjoyable tournament so far is the World Championship Series held in Sanya, China in 2014. The favorite bridge memory is 1998 Fall NABC Reisinger BAM. Playing with Peter Sun, Qinqin Wang, and Jiang Chen as our first try of the event, we ended up with 11th in the semi-final, less than 0.5 from making to the cut of the final 10. Still, this was my first time to play behind screens and against many world class players.


The craziest tournament I played so far was the Irvine Regional 2014. While still working on all weekdays, I managed to play all 7 days, with 7 different partners.

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