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15 seconds to the Bermuda Bowl

So Grue and Moss get to go to the Bermuda Bowl, and Cheek and Hub do not.  Significantly because of a pause....

While I think that Cheeks bidding is due to bridge sense, and not because he learned from a hesitation...

I also simply dislike our system.  Once the fatal error of a hesitation has occurred, the officiating becomes like 

a 90/10 chance for the non hesitaters.  All we need to do is find someone who would bid differently... and then there 

becomes "reasonable doubt"... or in ACBL speak , 'logical alternative'.    


Personally, I dislike our rules.  I think if the hesitater or his partner can show logic for their bid, and it's reasonable... then the table result should stand.  The idea that you are going to poll 3 of my peers , is just silly.  No one else is going to bid like I was...    :)

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