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17th European Champions' Cup

The 17th European Champions' Cup runs from Nov 08-10 in Eilat Israel

[i]i hope i get this right[/i]

invitations to 12 teams are determined by:

a) top 10 from most recent European Team Championship

b) team from host country

c) team from country of current title holders

note: that "b" & "c" explain how there are 2 teams each for Israel and Netherlands


the use of "country" is a bit misleading since the teams are really clubs that are member's of that country's national organization

team members do NOT need to be eligible to represent or even reside in that country - they just need to be members of that club


Days 1 & 2 are a full round robin

The teams are then split into 3 brackets according to RR standing

Day 3 has 2 segment SemiFinal and Final KO matches where the top team in each bracket chooses its opponent from the bottom 2 teams in that bracket

This leads to a final leaderboard for all places, 1-12


there will be vugraph coverage on bbo shows the schedule calculated to the timezone of the viewer. gives access to rosters, explanation of format, conditions of contest and link to daily bulletins and results has up-to-date, official convention cards for all pairs.

warning: other sources for CCs may not have latest/greatest.


enjoy the show

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