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1998 - The Last Great World Bridge Series!

1998, Lille, France - The last great World Bridge Series!


Of course, it wasn't called the World Bridge Series in those days but even without such a grand name, it attracted sponsors of the corporate type.

The Vivendi Rosenblum Cup had a record entry of 233 teams and a further 56 competed for the Louis Vuitton McConnell Cup. The ELF Seniors Teams attracted 38 entries.

624 pairs, excluding drops ins, entered the Societe Generale Open Pairs. Yes, SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FOUR. I know, I was one-half of one of those pairs!

119 pairs, excluding drops ins, entered in the Louis Vuitton Women’s Pairs and 100 competed for the ELF Seniors Pairs.

There were two consolation pairs events, The Cara IMP Pairs and the Coralia Continuous Pairs.

The only Mixed event was a 2.5-day pairs event, the Elf Mixed Pairs which attracted 598 pairs and the consolation J.M. Weston Mixed Pairs.

66 Junior Pairs competed in the Lipton lce Tea Junior Triathlon.

Other sponsors were the Jean Besse Foundation, Tropico, Café de Colombie, Chateau d'Eau, Aberlou as well as technical partners Air France, Citroen, Compaq, Darty, France Télécom and Ricoh.

Happy days!


The winners:

Rosenblum Cup: Massimo Lanzarotti, Alfredo Versace, Antonio Sementa, Francesco Angelini, Lorenzo Lauriaand Andrea Buratti (Italy).

McConnell Cup: Sylvia Terraneo, Doris Fischer, Maria Erhart and Terri Weigkricht (Austria).

Senior Teams: Nissan Rand & Moshe Katz (Israel), Christo Drumev (Bulgaria), and Karl Rohan & Franz Barata (Austria).

Open Pairs: Michal Kwiecien and Jacek Pszcola (Poland).

Women Pairs: Jill Meyers and Shawn Quinn (USA).

Mixed Pairs: Enza Rossano and Antonio Vivaldi (Italy).

Senior Pairs: Boris Schapiro and Irvin Gordon (Great Britain).

Junior Triathlon: Paolo Marino and Daniele Pagani (Italy).


PS Entries for 2018 (with just under three weeks to go) currently stand at:

Open Teams: 76

Woman's Teams: 15 

Seniors Teams: 24

Mixed Teams: 76

Open Pairs: 129

Women's Pairs: 38

Seniors Pairs: 62

Mixed Pairs: 131

Junior Triathlon Teams: 7 (All from China)

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