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1-2: What do you play it as (in 2/1)?

I am putting together a general system to play and filling in the (many) gaps.  This is one of them and so am looking for input here.

Interestingly, the expert poll conducted for the 2017 update to the Bridge World Standard suggested that there is little "expert consensus" here.

From the website: 

1436. In BWS 2017, a jump-shift to the three-level is invitational. 1-2 should be . . .

A. invitational (24%)

B. strong (42%)

C. weak (8%)

D. something else (26%)

I know there are some who play this as a 6-9 HCP raise of s, but otherwise I am not too familiar with what some conventional (rather than natural) uses of this jump-shift might be.  In any event, I am leaning towards playing it as showing an invitational hand that lacks a four-card M as well as any fit for s, but am open to other suggestions.

To be clear, by the way, I am writing about the 2/1 context, so not the context in which 1 is showing any 16+ point hand.  Thus, if you play only a Strong Club system, nothing against you personally but please abstain from the poll :).

Thank you in advance for any input you may have!

I play 1-2 as showing a weak hand with length
I play 1-2 as showing a strong hand with length
I play 1-2 as showing an invitational hand with length
I play 1-2 as showing some sort of “mixed raise” of s
None of the above options describe what I use the 2 response to 1 to show

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