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1D(pd) - 1H(RHO) - X(me) - 2H(LHO) - 4C(pd) - 5C(me), what's 4C?

Pd's hand was S-AKJ H-J D-AK863 C-K863

My hand was S-8654 H-A62 D-J5 C-JT94

5C went down 1 on a defensive error.  It really should be down 2.

What should 4C show on the above auction?

5-4 in the minors with 18+ points, like the hand above
55+ or 65+ in the minors, 15+ points, e.g. S-A H-x D-KQJxxx C-KQxxx
Either hand on 1 and 2
Above and some other combination

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