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1M-2X // 2Y-4M picture bid in 2/1

First question (answers 1, 2 & 3): A recent first-time partner expressed with great animation his view that in classic 2/1, going back to Hardy, this kind of picture bid has been defined as a 12-14 count, something like HHxx in M, HHxxx in X, 2-2 in the others with no controls there. Maybe only Hxxx in M. I believe the discussions have left more room for other shapes, say Hxx in M, HHxxx in X, Qxx Qx as an example. What do you think?

(I'd appreciate comments, especially references to opinions of 2/1 authors. The only one I found in my quick run-through was on p. 98 of Hardy's Yellow Book (revised), which is a broader definition more similar to my view. EDIT: explicit example at p. 56 of Hardy/Lawrence _Standard Bidding for the 21st Century_ shows KQx xx xxx AKJxx for R's jump to 4. 2nd EDIT: Lawrence's 2/1 CD gives KJx Qx AQJxx xxx.)

Next question (answers 4 & 5): Does/should the major support require Hxx as a minimum?

Your partner was correct: 4M-5X-2-2 with extra good M, no controls in the unbids, and only that.
Your partner was correct, but I'd accept Hxxx in M.
Your partner was incorrect: This picture is defined and best used as any min with no controls in the 2 unbids.
Hxx is the required minimum trump support (I -- that would be Needham, not you -- usually count 10s).
xxx is OK.

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