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1M P 1N in a 2/1 structure

Forcing vs Semi-forcing.   And what do you mean?

Not interested in 3rd seat or 4th seat openers.   Not interested in non-forcing NT structure.


Note for any of the answers, responder allowed to bid game if opener makes appropriate rebid, so don't treat weaker answers as meaning you can't get to game opposite some minimum range hands.

1N Forcing - 100% forcing. Responder can have enough to force to game no matter openers response.
1N Forcing - 100% forcing. Responder denies 100% game forcing values which must instead make a 2/1
1N - Semi-Forcing - Opener can pass with 11 if deemed appropriate
1N - Semi-forcing - Opener can pass with 11-12 if deemed appropriate
1N - Semi-forcing - Opener passes with all balanced minimums, bidding shows extra shape or points
Another option not listed (please explain, if reasonable, will add poll choice
I don't play forcing or semi-forcing or do not know enough to answer

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