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Assuming a STD. Amer. 2/1 system with forcing NT and 1NT=15-17, the sequence 1S-1NT-2NT generally shows a balanced hand (usually 5332 or something close) and around 18hcp, maybe a 17 you like or a soft 19.   If responder has a very weak unbalanced hand with long suit, it will probably play better there.  Since 3C or 3D is fully 2 tricks away from a minor game, these bids would appear to be to play.  The same could be said for a 3H call, but now you are only one trick away from game so some may consider 3H forcing.  That is, a good hand with 5+ hearts may wish to offer a choice of games with a 3H call.  This poll addresses the issue and asks for opinions of BW readers.

After 1S-1NT-2NT-?

(sorry, I know some players use transfers, but not for this poll please)

A 3 level bid in any suit is weak, to play
A 3 level bid in a minor is weak, to play, but 3H is forcing.
A 3 level bid in any suit besides spades is forcing
Something else

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