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1S 2S 2NT

I'm curious what you use 2NT for in this sequence.  I have the agreement that it shows 17-18 with a 5-3-3-2 and interest in playing 3NT, but I don't think that comes up often enough.  What does seem to come up often enough is opening 1, hearing partner raise 2 (oppoents are silent), and being able to make game with a 5-loser hand.  (I also have a theory that the more aces and kings you are missing i.e. add up the hcp of the 5 losers, the worse your propsects)

Yesterday on BBO I held:





and when I raised that to 4, partner only had the AJ to contribute and there was no avoiding the remaining losers.  And this hand had more HCP than the 5-loser hands I'm thinking about.  So I thought it might make sense to ask for controls with 2NT:

3 = 0-2, 3 = 3, 3 = 4.  And if an in-between bid remains after the response, it is a Q ask in trump.

It seems to me these cards are important to make games as well as slams, so maybe I should have a mechanism for inquiring for them.  I'm toying around with using it for 1430 (keycards only) or ogust, but it seems to me that controls including kings could be most helpful.  I still have traditional help suit game tries at the 3 level.  

Had this tool been available to me, a 3 response would have confirmed 0-2 controls, and I could bid 3 to find out with 3 that partner didn't hold the Q.  Assuming partner has ace of clubs, would you bid this red at IMPs knowing you were off Q, K, AK?

I'm curious to find out what other people use this 2NT bid for, and what they think about this idea.   It seems to be a very underutilized bid, but like Jacoby 2NT it has the potential to find a good fit I think.  I would expect the same situation to apply after 1 2

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