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2-Under Transfers in a Strong Club System

One of my partners and I have been trying to design 2-under positive transfers to an opening bid of 1 (artificial & strong, 15+ hcp).

One scheme has responder bidding 1 (= 5+), 1NT (= 5+), 2 (= 5+), and 2 (=5+).

Opener makes the cheapest bid to deny 3-card support and that leaves room for responder to rebid showing a 2nd suit, or 6-cards in the first suit, or 5332 (NT).

Opener with a good suit of his own bids it (or NT if the suit of the cheapest bid) to ask for support if unbalanced and not interested in responder's suit being 6-cds or a possible 2nd suit.

(A 1 response is an artificial negative, 0-9 hcp, and a 1 response is an artificial positive, 10+ hcp and no 5-cd suit and not any 4441 hand.)

(2 = 5440 with a positive response and a 5-cd minor and 2 = all 4441 positive hands.)

(2NT and higher are 1-under transfers with a 7-cd suit, either invitational or Game Forcing.

Please comment if you have any experience OR ideas about such a 2-UNDER TRANSFER SCHEME. Thanks.

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