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2 Way Checkback Query
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I have recently started to investigate playing 2 Way Checkback after a rebid of 1NT

I basically play Acol, 4 card majors, 12-14 no trump

I have no problems understanding the following 2Way Check-back Sequences

1Mi 1Ma

1NT 2Ma/2OMa Signoff


1Mi 1Ma

1NT 2C Relay to 2D

2D   2Ma etc Game tries


1Mi  1Ma

1NT  2D Artificial bid Start of Game forcing sequences


I have difficulty in understanding how to play similar sequences starting

1C 1D


Some references I have found on the internet imply that there is no problem using 2WAy Checkback after 1C 1D 1NT

but give no examples. Other references imply that 2 Way Check-back doe not apply after this start.


I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction, and provide me detail in this area


many thanks

Brian Keable


PS My 1NT rebid is 15-17

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