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2013 WBTC Semi-final Matches

After 2 days of play, the quarter-final phase of the 2013 World Bridge Team Championships is complete.

In the Bermuda Bowl, all of the higher-seeded teams won their quarter-finalmatchup by over 50 IMPs, althoughUSA-1 andCANADAwere virtually tied after 4 segments. The final scores were :

  • USA-1214 -CANADA158.7
  • ITALY242 -CHINA146.3 (WD after 5)
  • MONACO278 -ENGLAND226.3
  • POLAND242 -THE NETHERLANDS119.3 (WD after 5)

USA-1 now facesMONACO, andITALYfaces POLAND.

In the Venice Cup,the scores were:

  • ENGLAND203 -USA-1138
  • USA-2173 -POLAND125
  • CHINA 204 -FRANCE192


In the d'Orsi Seniors Bowl, the scores were :

  • FRANCE251 -THE NETHERLANDS91 (WD after 5)
  • USA-2288 -SCOTLAND139 (WD after 5)

The semi-final matches will beFRANCEvs.GERMANYandUSA-2vs.POLAND.

Congratulations to all the semi-finalists and good luck to them in their matches.

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