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2017 Open, Women's & Senior USBC Entries Are Open

Entries are now open for the 2017 Open, Women’s & Senior USBCs (aka Trials). Here’s a quick summary of the events. For more information, go to and click on the event name under the USBF Tournaments menu in the left hand column. All three will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, Illinois (near O'Hare). Entry fees per team are a $360 event fee and $300 per day session fees. To enter any of the events, you must be a USBF member and have paid 2017 dues.

Open USBC – selects 2 teams for the 2017 Bermuda Bowl. Starts Friday, April 28th. 2 day Round Robin, 2 day USA1 R16, QF, SF & F. Concurrent USA2 R64, R32, R16, QF. USA2 SF and F continue after selection of USA1 (USA1 losing finalist chooses their opponent in USA2 SF). USA2 Final ends on Thursday, May 11th.

Women's USBC - selects 2 teams for the 2017 Venice Cup. Starts Thursday, May 4th. If more than 4 teams enter, 2 day Round Robin, 1 day SF, 2 day USA1 F & USA2 SF, 2 day USA2 SF. If only 4 teams enter, there is no Round Robin and the SF is 2 days long. USA2 Final most likely ends on Wednesday, May 10th.Entries for both the Open and Women's close on Monday, April 3rd, although additional entries may be accepted until April 10th if they do not change the event format.

Senior USBC - selects 2 teams for the 2017 d'Orsi Senior Bowl. Starts Wednesday, May 17th. 1-1/2 day Round Robin, 1-1/2 day USA1 QF, SF & F, with concurrent USA2 R32, R16, QF. 1-1/2 day USA2 SF & F continue after USA1 Finals. Losing USA1 finalist chooses their opponent for USA2 SF.Entries close on Monday, April 17th. Additional entries will be accepted until May 3rd, if they improve the format of the event.

These are great events - screens and duplicated boards throughout, a lot of Vugraph coverage, great directors, individual playing rooms with bathrooms throughout (unless there are too many teams in the Round Robin stage). Great hospitality. And best of all, great teams competing!

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