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2019 Cavendish Pairs in Monaco

Norberto Bocchi asked me to post this, on his behalf.

I was looking at 2019 Cavendish Pairs and got disappointed by the conditions of contest.The event is now running with a 500,000€ prize pool. After 100 qualifiyng hands, with 22 pairs going to final A, 44 hands will be played. Well, the Dutch pair which is leading by far will see their score trimmed down significantly due to a fractional carry-over. In golf, any stroke counts to the final score. It looks like a football (soccer) match in which scoring during the last 10' is worth three times as much.

I think that international level players could and should know better what's "right". Alas, referees and organizations decide by themselves without ever looking for any advise. Are we toys in their hands? I'm saying this on behalf of lower level players, too. I'm looking forward to a players' committee looking after playing conditions.

Hope you'll excuse my flame but I'm annoyed.

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