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2019 USBC Finals Set

FLEISHER will face WOLFSON in the two-day finals. FLEISHER (Fleisher, Martel, Greco, Hampson, Grue, Moss) beat KRIEGEL in a match that was close all the way 255-237. WOLFSON (Wolfson, Garner, Zia, Rosenberg, Hurd, Wooldridge) had an easier time against #1 seed ROSENTHAL and won the match after ROSENTHAL resigned down 98 after 6 of the 8 segments.

The winner of the 2019 USBC will become USA-2 for the Bermuda Bowl in Wuhan, China in September. They will join the NICKELL team, which qualified as USA-1 at the 2018 USBC.

In the Women's final for USA-1, BAKER (Baker, McCallum, Sanborn, Levitina, Palmer, Shi) lead DISA (Eythorsdottir, Lewis, Seamon-Molson, Deas, Bernstein, Wheeler) 114-81 at the halfway point. Still alive for USA-2, Team PEPSI-COLAS has a slight lead on BJERKAN 99-93 at the half in that match.


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