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2-Multi ?

We are playing 2-Multi (= 6+major weak-2, or very strong NT-hand)  and vanilla strong-2 (unbal GF or 22+NT).

I feel Multi is often tricky to defend against, even when you have a well-defined and well-designed defence, which is why I like this convention.

A price you pay, of course, is that you lose the weak-2 opening, which is sometimes a nice weapon, too.

So just thinking...

How would it actually work to also include the weak-2 hand into the 2 opening?

Thus: 2 = Either a strong hand -- or a weak-2 opening.

Without having actually tested it, I don't seem to find any serious problems with that.... (I'm thinking -- particularly at MP where the very rare Big Hands carry even less weight than at IMPs)

With 15+ responder can bid 2M or 2NT forcing, just like after a weak 2 opening. Otherwise, relay 2 which opener will PASS with the weak hand.


  • Someone here has any actual experience deploying this approach?
  • Also, when opening 2 in this manner, approx how often percentage-wise would it be the weak hand, and how often the strong hand? Any math-wizard here can give an estimate? :)
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