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2M (X) XX Part 1

In a partnership where a weak two bid in first or second seat promises a top honor (or better)

partner's redouble is best played as  ?


Yes, answer 2 & 3 aren't mutually exclusive but you need a mechanism to show invitational or convertible values.

If you take out opener's subsequent double of the opponents' landing spot you are showing the invitational raise...

or you may have a good suit of your own where bidding that suit immediately is treated as lead directional


How do YOU advance if you have a GF hand?

Do you have a mechanism to distinguish between a raise with or without a top honor?


See accompanying topic on 2M (X) 2N

McCabe Adjunct... we need to run
Gotcha.... we have a good plus defending.
Not Gotcha but cooperative.... maybe a double is in the cards or we have our own declaring plus
Top honor raise because our immediate raise denies a top honor
Other please explain

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