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2NT as a response to a reopening double

You play a "standard" 5533 or 5542 15-17 system (would open 1 with 4-4 in the minors but usually 1 with 45).



What do you prefer 2NT to be?

If it is Lebensohl, what are the ranges? Do you play it as 0-6 so that other bids are 7-9? If so, does it mean that you GF now with 10 points, or that your initial pass denied 10 points? If so, how would you have acted initially with 10 points and long diamonds? An omnibus double? NFB? Transfer freebid? 

Natural, 11ish (an immediate natural 2NT was not avaible
Natural 9ish
Weak Lebensohl (ostensibly 0-6), with 10 points I can GF now as opener shows extras
Weak Lebensohl (0-6), with 10 points I would have acted initially
Wide-range Lebensohl (0-8)
Scrambling, ostensibly. weak with 4-4 red suits
Something else

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