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2nt taking up too much space? Not really, here's a solution.

One problem with opening 2nt is it takes up too much space.  It's hard to:

1.find all major fits

2.right side the contract

3.reveal the least amount of information possible to the opponents


Here's a solution that does all 3:


2nt- ?3c modified puppet3d transfer to hearts3h transfer to spades3s relay to 3nt3nt 5s 4h by responder

2nt - 3c - 3d -denies 5c majorresponder then bypasses majors he has aka bids the lowest major he does not have. Opener bids naturallyso 2nt - 3c - 3d - 3h (responder denying 4 hearts saying nothing about spades) - 3s opener showing 4 spades2nt - 3c - 3d - 3s (responder showing 4h and denying 4 spades)2nt - 3c - 3d - 3nt (responder showing both majors)

2nt - 3c - 3h - shows 5 card heartsresponder than reverse the meaning of 3s and 3nt to right side the contract2nt - 3c - 3h - 3s (responder denying 4c spades, and implies no fit in hearts, making opener bid 3nt say with 3245 and only looking for 5c spades)2nt - 3c - 3h - 3nt (responder showing 4c spades in case if opener opened 4522 and can now bid 4s)

2nt - 3c - 3s - shows 5 card spades and denies 4c hearts

2nt - 3c - 3nt - 5s 4h by opener, responder then passes, bids 4c gerber or transfers to opener's major.

2nt - 3d transfer to hearts2nt - 3d - 3h - 3s denies 4 spades2nt - 3d - 3h - 3nt responder shows 4 spades 5 hearts.

2nt - 3h transfer to spades2nt - 3h - 3s - 4h responder shows 5-5 in the majors (5s4h is shown by 2nt - 3nt)

2nt - 3s relay to 3nt to play or minor suit slam try2nt - 3s - 3nt - pass2nt - 3s - 3nt - 4c/4d smolen in the minors then opener bids 4h to key card for clubs and 4s to key card for diamonds. All other bids are to play 5h and higher are undefined.2nt - 3s - 3nt - 4h/4s show single suited clubs and diamonds respectively and opener's responses are 1430.

*key card auctions are followed by spiral scan*

The benefit of this system is the contract NEVER gets wrong sided, minimum possible information is revealed to the opponents, and 8c major fit is ALWAYS found.


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