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3-Day Free NABC Online Practice (7/7-9) and some updates

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In this update - About Practice Tourneys Winding up Practice Tourney #2:The practice tourneys have arrived at a furious pace!

Since these tournaments are multi-day events, we are not able to provide a lot of heads up to announce each new instance. Participation in these is completely optional, but we think, beneficial to players who expect to compete in the NABC Online Individual July 23-26. If you missed any of these practice sessions, don't worry. We will run at least 2 more before the big day.

We have begun limiting practice events to ACBL members only so as to mimic the actual tournament. This does mean your ACBL number need to be in our system before the start of the practice event. (If Practice tourney is July 7-9, we need your number by July 6 to be safe.) Update your ACBL number now if you want to guarantee you'll be included in the next practice tournament!

The practice tournaments are now also time limited. Once you begin to play, you will be given a set time limit to complete all your boards in that session. Real life events go with 7.5min/board, so that will be our target as well. The actual event will probably have some extra buffer built in to cater to unforeseen problems, but in general remember you do have a set duration. One of your goals during practice should be to pace yourself.

We are still on Day 2 of the second practice tourney right now so it is still anyone's game. A quick glance at the Day 1 leaders, however, indicate a number of familiar names filtering their way near the top of that honorlist. This is good. This means the tournament is representing Duplicate Bridge well - known top players will do well, but everyone else has a shot too.

Get ready for Practice Tourney #3:We begin a new three day practice series July 7, 8, 9. They will be visible in ACBL World.

8 boards MP 2 hours to complete each session ACBL members only (Read what we said about making sure your number is in the system, in advance) You need to participate daily to continue in this event Advanced robots will be used Reminder: You can only participate using web or mobile versions of BBO.Stay tuned for more information in the coming days. Feedback, comments, questions welcome in the BBO forums.

May the Practice Force be with you!

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