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$375K ACBL Boondoggle & Hawaii Fallout!
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Minutes ago, I received the following:


To: ACBL Board of Governors

From: Joseph Jones, Acting Executive Director

Date: October 10, 2018

Subject: Headquarters Update


"It’s been about four months since our last update so here’s a report of our current efforts.

. . . . . .


Through September, operations have provided a positive bottom line of $123K, which is $273K better than budget. In line with the original budget, we are forecasting a loss for 2018          due to the high cost of the fall NABC. We will also be writing-off $375K from the failed attempt to implement Customer Relationship Management software.      Work on the 2019 budget is underway and will be presented to the board at the fall meeting".



The bolded and italicized print scared me into wondering if anyone on the BoD is overseeing anything at all, other than their yearly $3,000 stipends and their travel arrangements to a luxurious vacation in Hawaii.


(In fairness, there is a great deal more in the well written, 6-page report).

Am I the only one who wonders about the total failure of the BoD to deal with the Hawaii BoD junket disaster?


I'm flooded with ACBL E-mails encouraging me to go and spend a minimum of $195 + tax = about $220 (includes internet!) for basic hotel alone, but anticipate very low attendance, which will not include yours truly.


Likewise, who approved "failed Customer Relations Management software"?!  Have we learned no lessons from the past?

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