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3Nt jump rebid facing an unpassed hand


If 3Nt is always a solid suit I think its clear for most players that you dont need that much stuff in the unbid suits.

maybe even something like  Kx,x,Q9x,AKQJxxx. Responder could have a void and want to play in opener suit.


If 3Nt could be a one loser suit like AQJTxxx/KQJTxxx than obviously you need clear stoppers and prime stuff in the unbid suits.

If responder got the cover in your suit than he will know you have significant side suit extras.

However semi-solid suits like AKJxxxx/AKT9xxx/AKxxxxxx are IMO somewhat problematic because responder could have a fit and be a little bit slammish and have no idea what to do.

Richard Pavlicek example after 1C--1H


This hand can be very slammish if responder got xxx fit. But if responder make a slam try with his fit he will be disappointed if you have the solid suit and not that much on the side. I understand having a solid suit is rare or that AKxxxxx  vs xxx is also rare but maybe playing  3Nt as solid suit and reversing with the other types is better. Or maybe 3NT with the solid suit or the one loser suit while reversing with the semi-solid suit is better. 

Whats is your style

jump rebid to 3Nt promise a running suit AKQxxxx+ & some stuff in the unbid suit.
jump rebid to 3Nt can be a semi-solid suit with clear stop or the side extras on the side
jump rebid to 3Nt can be missing the A/K with significant extras on the side
jump rebid to 3Nt is not a really precise bid, even facing an unpassed hand its mostly bid what I think I can make.

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