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3 INV or GF?

In a 2/1 system, is 3 in the sequence 1-1; 2-3 game forcing or invitational?

This is what I figure:

  • If you play 1-2 as a weak bid (perhaps 4-8), then 1-1; 2-2 is probably constructive and 3 game forcing.
  • If you play 1-2 as game forcing with a six card suit, 1-1; 2-2 is probably weak and 3 invitational.
  • If you play Soloway jump shifts so 1-2 would be 17+ or so (unless solid suit), it still seems 1-1; 2-2 would be weak and 3 invitational. You would, I guess, use 3 with game forcing hands with long spades. Not ideal, but you are at least limited in some way by not bidding 1-2 when looking for the right game or slam that it might work fine.

In one partnership I play 1-2NT as game forcing with a balanced hand and 1-2 as game forcing with heart support. That means all hands with long spades start 1-1. When we get this sequence, it seems really awkward to have to bid 3 to force to game also with long spades. On the other hand, using 3 as game forcing would mean all spade hands below game force would be crammed into 2 which also does not seem practical.

Is it playable to have 3 as invitational in this sequence and have to use 3 for stronger hands?

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