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4-4 In The Minors

Many years ago I read that Marty Bergen recommended opening Axx Tx QJxx AQxx with 1, not 1. His argument was that it usually made no difference but occasionally, partner would bid 1NT over your 1 with xxx Kxx Kx JTxxx or even xx, Kxx Kx JTxxxx. I have noted that Eddie Kantor recommends opening 1. Here the argument is this: 1 with 4 cards is more useful to partner since 1 almost always will show 4+ cards, and on some awkward occasions, a 2 rebid is possible. 

For years I took Bergen's recommendation simply because I read it first. But I have seen Kantor holds by his recommendation! So, about a year ago, I began opening such hands with 1. Well, no clap of doom or lightning strikes at the table. And no difference that I have noticed. Maybe I missed them. 

I am sure that with 12-14 and with 1-4-4-4 or 4-1-4-4, it is better to open 1. But I will leave that to another's poll. If you open a weak 1NT, feel free to discuss what you open with KJx, Ax, KQxx, KTxx, and whether it matters.


I open 1 with 4-4 minimum hands like the one shown.
I open 1 with 4-4 minimum hands like the one shown
I vary using another rule. (Please discuss)

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