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4 raises available before reaching 2S, showing extras or showing shape ?

Assume Imps, 1D is 4+ can be balanced 12-14, responder is (for practical purposes) 5-10 without 6S,4H,4D.

Opener is not 18+ so extras by opener = 15 to 17

1D--1H (showing 4+S) 

In this spot im using a 1S artifical rebid (forcing, for any hand with 3S or 4H) in the end I have four raises available where I can stop in 2S. Two of these raises raises are direct (before we know responder is limited) and the last two delayed raises are after we know responder is limited to 10 and doesnt have 4D/6S/4H) 

I need to pick 4 from...

4 card raise extras (unbalanced) 

4 card raise min

3 card raise extras nothing is known for my shape.

3 card raise min nothing is know from my shape. (possibly 3442 with xx in )

3 card raise short clubs with extras, 3451,3361 etc

3 card raise, short hearts with extras 3154,3163 etc

3 card raise 6 min

3 card raise 6 max


I believe than when opener is min and responder is 10 or less, its kind of pointless to show the shape, your just hoping that 2S is a better contract than 1NT. With 6D+3S min and good 2D could be a decent spot. So 6D+3S min is less important (obv only in Imps).


Note that with 3out of 4 of our raises we are going to be declarer, so showing our shortness and be declarer is a drawback especially if our are Jxx or worse.

Any suggestions on wich of these raise (or other raises) give the better payoff ?


I could possibly add a 5th raise, but this would mean that 1D--1H()--2H would be a 2S raise or a D+H reverse.

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