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4th seat openings

Our normal  2-level openings are:

2:  8-12 with 6 diamonds or balanced 23-24 or very strong with 5+ hearts

2: 5-9 with 6 hearts or balanced 20-22 or very strong with 5+ spades

(the 'very strong' options above can be single or 2-suited hands).

2: 3-11 with 4/5 hearts and 4/5 spades

2: 5-9 with 6/7 spades

2NT: pre-empt in any suit (above average if D/H/S, weak if C)



In 4th seat we upgrade the weak options to 10-14 hcp; the 2 opening shows specifically 5 hearts and 4 spades. We don't use 2NT all.

I have a feeling we can do better than this, any suggestions?

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