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5-5 minors and/or 2NT opening in 4th seat

In the SF sectional pairs game I picked up JT 8 AQJT2 Q9852 in 4th seat and wondered what I would do if it got passed to me.  Partner opened, so I never got to find out :-)

We play fairly typical Precision openings, 1 could be as few as 2 diamonds, and in 2nd seat a 1NT opening would be 10-13 NV and 14-16 Vul.  Our 2NT opening is 5-5 minors, either 0-10 or very strong.  It probably does not make sense to play this meaning in 4th seat though.

So this also got me wondering: what strength range, if any, would make it +EV to open 2NT showing 5-5 minors in 4th seat?

Orthogonally, what do people think the best use for a 2NT opening is in 4th seat in a Precision-like context?

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