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5 Card Multi

5 Card Multi (5CMu) - Responses, Rebids, Interference

5 Card Multi - 5CMu

5CMu is a 2 opening bid with either major, ~5-10 HCP non-Vul, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seat. There is no strong option. 5-3-3-2 hands are included, nearly doubling the number of hands opened with 5CMu vs Muiderberg (5C Major, 4+ minor).

The trend is to open a 3 bid on a 6 card suit non-vulnerable, especially at favorable vulnerability. Opening at the 2 level with a 5 card major is a logical extension. It's more difficult to punish a 5CMu opening than a 3 bid: the major suit is unknown and many (most?) partnerships aren't sure what every Double means.

The Responses and Rebids structures gives your side a good chance to find the right contract when the deal belongs to you. The goal of the Interferencesections is to find a playable spot when the deal belongs to the opponents.


Suit, Length 5 Card Major. 5332 hands are fine.
Suit Quality Subtract an honor from your typical non-Vul weak 2-bid!
Strength ~5-10 HCP
Vul non-Vul
Seat 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


- 2
2Major Pass/Correct to your Major.
2N Artificial force, inv+. Be cautious with 5 cards in one major, 0-1 cards in the other.
3 natural, NF.
3 Game Force with any strong suit. Opener bids his suit.
3+Major Pass/Correct at any level.
4 Requests opener transfer to his major.

2N Response, opener rebids

2 2N
3 Spades*
3 Hearts, bad hand, bad Spade support.* (3+ = Ogust: hand, spade support)
3 Hearts, bad hand, good Spade support.*
3 Hearts, good hand, bad Spade support.*
3N Hearts, good hand, good Spade support.*

*Responder's 4m = Q in support of opener's suit.

2N Response, opener shows Spades:

- 2
2N 3* 3 = Spades
3 5 Hearts inv+, or 6+ Hearts GF.
3 6+ Hearts, invitational.
3 invitational.
4minor Qbid in support of Spades.

2N Response, opener has Spades; responder Hearts.

2 2N
3 3 3 = Spades, 3 = Hearts
3 2 Hearts, min. NF.
3 0-1 Hearts, NF.
3N 2 Hearts, max.
4 3 Hearts, 1 "Ace" and the Heart Q.
4 3 Hearts, denies the Heart Q and 1+ "Aces".
4 3 Hearts, 2 "Aces" and the Heart Q.
The main point of 4/4/4 is to
make the strong hand declarer!

Correcting with Hearts after a 2 Spade Response

2 2
2N Max, minor suit feature. 3 asks: 3 = s, 3 = s.
3 Max, no feature (or Spade feature). 3 asks: 3 = no feature, 3 = s.
3 Min, no feature.
3 Don't bid 3 - let responder declare!

Responder's 3 rebid after opener's correction is to play.

Asking after a 2N or 3 rebid is rare as this is usually a partscore vs game decision (responder starts with 2N on strong hands). The goal is to disclose little and have responder declare.


- 2
Pass Diamonds. Often best with 4 Diamonds and a singleton major!
2 Pass/Correct, then 3 over 2 correction is to play.
2 Pass/Correct, then 3 over opener's correction is to play.
3 Clubs, NF.

2nd Hand Interference (Double)

2 (Dbl) ?
Pass Diamonds, likely a 5+ card suit.
Rdbl Puppet to 2, to play in responders's suit.
Responder can then bid 2N for the minors.
2 Pass/correct.
Other Unchanged.

2nd Hand Interference (Bid)

2 (Bid) ?
Dbl Penalty.
Other Unchanged.

4th Hand Interference After a Strong Response (2N or 3).

2 (Pass) 2N/3 (Dbl/Bid)
Pass Hearts
X/XX Spades

A. Running from a misfit when opener has Hearts and responder Spades.

A.1 Responder tries to play 2 undoubled, but runs to 2 when doubled.

2 (Pass) 2 (Dbl)
Pass (Pass) 2 Run from 2X to 2 with 5 Spades, 0-1 Hearts.
2 (Dbl) 2 (Pass)
Pass (Dbl) 2 """"
2 (Dbl) 2 (Dbl)
Pass (Pass) 2 """"

A.2 If responder's 2 in (A.1) is doubled, and opener has 0-1 Spades (misfit),
opener runs as follows in this example:

2 (Pass) 2 (Dbl)
Pass (Pass) 2 (Dbl) Run from 2X to 2 with 5 Spades, 0-1 Hearts.
Pass 2 (or 3!) card Spade support.
Rdbl 3=4 or 4=4 minors
2N 4=3 minors.
3m 5 card minor.

The same "double shot" at escaping a misfit is not available
when opener has Spades and responder holds 5 Hearts.

Defense to 5CMu

The "European"defense may work as well as anything:

1st Dbl "cards"
2nd Dbl Takeout
3rd Dbl Penalty

I suspect that "Multi vs Multi" (Ed Sheldon and Robin Michaels), published by Chris Ryall would prove particularly effective vs 5CMu if adjusted for a 5 card major opening. Just a hunch.


  • Partnerships may want to decide whether a 5CMu suit of T9xxx is OK.
  • Consider a Pass/Correct or 4 response before 2N.
  • A Bill Segraves simulaton suggests that ~16 HCP is minimum for a 2N response with a singleton major.
  • Your side will often defend against an underpowered 3N - Smith helps!
  • Again: After 2 (Pass) ?, it's usually right to Pass holding 4 Diamonds and a singleton major.

Special Thanks to:

  • Bill Segraves. We bounced ideas off each other, especially the "2N Response, opener has Spades; responder Hearts" section.
  • Adam Parrish of Bridge Winners who made publication of this article possible.
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