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$600,000 - Parts 2, 3, 4

This one was a little simpler. ACBL have stated that providing projectors for display to players for starting a KO and running a Swiss is part of their plans for the $600K. I'll call these Parts 2, 3.

Actually, they already have the software as part of ACBLscore+. It appears that ACBL were not aware that they already had it, despite spending $150K to review ACBLscore+! I dug out the code from the last DVD that was sent to them, configured it to run in production mode, made a couple of other changes and this is what ACBL currently has:

Starting a KO:

Running a small Swiss:

Running a large Swiss, e.g. NABC (151 teams)

For these videos, client was a Macbook Pro, server was a Macbook Air. As you can see from the videos, the performance is fine. Both laptops are probably 2+ years old. At the last sectional, I used a ~ 10 year old Toshiba Satellite U-205 laptop running Windows XP as the client to drive the projector.

That's the ACBLscore+ version from May 2014.

I put a more recent version of the KO/Swiss code on the Internet for TDs/Districts/Volunteers to run (renamed Bridgescore+). This was around September 2014. (Contact me if you are interested in running it at a tournament, I think it's currently being used in Palmetto Regional in Florida this week. Software is free to use...).

I've got an even more recent version that I use at tournaments. At some point I will put that on-line as well.

The May 2014 may not be the best user interface in the world; but it works, it's functional, it is the code that was used for Gatlinburg 2014 so it can handle the largest KO events that ACBL has. Average start time for a KO was reduced by over 10 minutes when we used this code in Gatlinburg last year. Will be even bigger improvement this year.

Another part of the $600K was to put ACBLscore under code control. For that, I'd suggest (there are other similar sites). $25/month will get them 10 private repositories. Takes less than 15-20 minutes to get set up. To add the entire source code of ACBLscore, check it in, is a couple of commands. I'll call that Part 4.

If anyone has the list of the items that are going to cost $600K, let me know. I think I've covered most of them so far.

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