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A Big Thankyou To The Unsung Hero

Excellent work by Kit, no doubt.

However my understanding is that he actually started on the wrong track and the original code cracker was Ishmael Delmonte helped by another world class player, after the ideas of what to look at came along from Maajke Mevius. They worked for over 100 hours providing analysis of 13 matches, photographs and a very clear code which they managed to convince Kit to try out.

I guess this is my way of saying THANKYOU ISH and those who helped you. You have been incredible.

As I write this he is compiling a huge, watertight report for all the NBOs. He has barely slept in a fortnight.

I think of him a bit like the head of an SAS anti-cheating hit squad.


Cheers to the unsung hero!

Also Thank-you to Boye, for putting everything on the line. Your bravery has allowed all this to happen.

David Gold


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