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A Broader Issue?

I haven't paid much attention to the upcoming world championships in Sanya, but this morning I did take a quick look at the WBF website.  I was surprised to see only 14 teams entered in the McConnell Cup (Women's Teams).  Entries "closed" on September 30; the website mentions that teams may be added late at the discretion of the organizers.  Fourteen seemed like a very small number of teams for a transnational world championship event, I wonder what others think.

A quick review of the historical registrations in the McConnell indicates that roughly:

31 teams played in Philadelphia (2010)

39 teams played in Verona (2006)

36 teams played in Montreal (2002)

56 teams played in Lille (1998)

We've discussed the general issue of women's bridge many times.  What's up with this year in Sanya? Is there a universal downturn in women's bridge?


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