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A Diatribe against Gold Points

Now, I'm generally a patient guy.  I don't often have trouble going with the flow, letting things progress naturally and seeing what comes.  But there is a cancer in the ACBL that is already threatening to wipe out bridge in the next few years.  I'm speaking of course, about Gold Rush events.


Having a place where bad players can continue to sit, continue to play away from good players, have a complete regional experience while never improving, never contributing and growing as players is a terrible, TERRIBLE idea.  I get that attendance is down, I get that people want to win to keep playing, but to have these havens of lousy players take the place of legitimate events and victories is really disheartening.  Recently this program has expanded, instead of just separating the 299ers and under, and forcing players to play in open events at a certain point, we have Gold Rush, which now creeps into the 750 range.  If I'm not mistaken, there have been talks to expand this further and up the cap.  Much like these asinine 10K and under Nationals, this everybody wins, lower the bar so everyone else can get a turn at winning is just BS.  If the players actually care about winning, make them get better, don't hand out freakin' stickers to people playing against other hacks that can't follow suit. /end

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