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A director ruling

I played in a club game tonight. The auction went:




Long hesitation before 3S. The opener had the average 12 count with 3154 shape, and X was intended as support, not alerted. The opener that bid 4S said "3S was a sign off, but partner did not alert my double, so I knew he does not remember so I had to raise". The director ruling - 4S making stands. Can someone please explain that to me????

I mean should I even bother trying to complain?


 ***EDIT March 31st***

First of all thank you all for posting. I would like to clarify few points raised, and what I intend to do next:

1) I do not care, at the slightest about correcting the score at a club game. What made me call the director in the first place was the explanation of blatant UI use. When I tried to explain to that player that this is UI, I got a smirk and a response "What do you mean? Of course I am entitled to use that partner forgot". That person was lately elected to "board of governors" of the club (or whatever these are called) and I strongly suspect that this is where the issue lies. 

2) I have no intention of trying to educate this particular director, she proved over time, imo, not to be interested in it. There are quite few directors in that club that are knowledgeable, adequate and care - and I enjoy their games. I am 100% sure that I would get a different ruling, and more importantly that each one of them would take the moment to educate the newly elected governor about UI...what I do care about is the UI and ruling. So I will do my best not play in her games anymore and probably will try to develop my online play skills.

3) Over the weekend I will file a recorder form, as per John Adam's suggestion and hope that someone else would actually take the time to explain it to this player what UI is. The director said that "if you want to appeal you can appeal to the director" - do not know if she meant herself or club management. In any case I intend to write to the newly elected management about this incident in full. I will post the transcript of the letter and the response (if I get one) as is. 

4) For those that are claiming that the responder could have thought about penalty or something else - first, I agree. However even in that case, the double was purportedly support double, which means 3S is 100% sign off bid (I do not know anyone playing it at this level, but that woman does) and is weak. So I believe that hesitation strongly suggests bidding on. Note that responder may at all have 4 spades for his bid. For those of you that asked for the hands:


I will update this when and if I have something to add.


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