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A feat that will never be topped

At today's club game, we played 24 boards.  My partner played 14 of them and made the opening lead on 7 others.  I got to lead 3 times.  For those of you keeping score, that leaves me declaring nary a single hand.

I had my chances, but the opponents would not cooperate.

On the second board, I opened 1N (15-17) at favorable and my LHO got frisky and made a filthy overcall of 2.  Partner was not fooled and doubled. +1700 was better than the others in 3N, making either 10 or 11 tricks.

In the second round, we were on our way to 3N with me declaring, except that my LHO decided to take an advance sacrifice (neither vul) in 4. We doubled but I slipped a trick on defense and we collected only +300.  I was mentally cursing myself for not getting the +500 I thought we needed to beat the others in 3N, but lo and behold, the field was mostly in 4 going down 1, with 1 pair in 4 making.  So our +300 turned out well.

I can't remember playing a session without declaring a single hand and it will probably be a long time before that happens again.

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