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A great online bridge experience
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Like many people, I mostly played bridge in person until recently. Until recently, all the top 10 (or top 50) bridge memories happened in person. Online was a practice place, but not a place for "real" bridge.

However, this past Sunday I had a fabulous time playing bridge against quality entertaining opponents. They bid intelligently, they defended well, and declared at a level I personally thought rare. It was the QF of the April KO, an event series that didn't even exist until Covid threw a big wrench in all our plans. Not only was it a fabulous bridge memory, playing against some French players I would not normally have ever squared off against, but it's one of a few times I've come away having a total blast despite losing! While we could have won and I've spent plenty of time thinking about how we could have done better (I had one 3NT I was proud of, and one that I definitely was not), they made a couple fewer mistakes or made a few better wise decisions and advanced. I've played against a variety of people, but this was so much fun that I would make an attempt to look them up if I was ever in France, based purely off of the great experience in one bridge match.

So, with this happy memory I think there are a few groups that are hugely deserving of thanks:

1) The entire Frejacques team:

Guillaume Frejacques

Martin Lilamand

Pierre Schmidt

Stéphane Garcia

Ancessy Arnaud

Fred Brunet

2) The Reynolds Team matches group. Specifically: Tom Reynolds, Jonathan Cohn and Jim Fox. With the ACBL focusing on online club games and other online moneymaking events, they have done a fabulous job filling a void in "serious" bridge. While I'm incredibly bummed about Columbus and Montreal and other in person tournaments all getting cancelled, they have done an incredible job organizing fabulous serious online events to participate in. Previously I only played 60 board matches a couple times a year in the Spingold/Vanderbilt, now I regularly play them in the online KO and other events organized by Reynolds Team matches.

Just in the April KO we played a CA team, an Australian team, and a team from India before losing to the French Frejacques team. We've also played a variety of teams from all over the country and world in various other team events they have organized.

Entries are currently open for the June KO starting later this week. You can find a signup thread here: . You can also find their website here: 

Finally, in the spirit of having one bridge hand to add some interest, here is a hand from a recent match that I thought was pretty cool:


What do you bid? Choose your plan before hitting next :)

If able, LHO will bid 5 at their next turn. Partner will pass unless you make them. If you get them to bid, it will be s.

Let's assume you get them to 6. It then goes P P 7 (by the person who originally opened) P P back to you. What do you do now?

If you bid 7, it now goes (X) P P ? back to you. Are you sitting?

Anyway, I'm not presenting this the best (it isn't the focus of the article) but I thought it was interesting. Will throw results in comments later.

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