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A hand from Wroclaw

I don't have the answer to this non-problem. I call it a non-problem because pretty much all lines succeed in practice but I'm looking for the best answer in theory. N/S vul

A K 10 X X

 A X X

J 10 5

J 7




A Q 6 4

A K 6 4 3 2


You bid to 5 rather than 3NT -- well done, I think. Say 1-1-2-2 (art)-3 -3-4-5.

The defenders lead the queen of hearts; you win as East encourages and cash AK to pitch hearts -- nothing exciting happens.

The opponents will know you have no major-suit losers now.

When you lead J would you expect East to cover from Kx? If the J holds what would you do next?

The opponents are more than capable of false-carding.

I'd be interested in knowing what you think the percentage play is, if the J holds or if the J is covered.

Run J then lead to the Q
Run J then lead to the A
Play clubs at trick three
Ruff a heart and lead towards the club jack
Play a diamond to the ace
Something else

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