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A New Ethics?

Playing in the US Senior Team Trials ("Hey mom, look at me, I am just like Kit Woolsey!), I was a part of no less than three situations where declarer made an inadvertent error and tried to correct it. There appears to be a new ethic where the game is one of sportsmanship and honor, and corrections are allowed and in some cases expected.

Consider how you would resolve the following:

Case 1. Declarer plays a card from dummy, RHO ruffs with the 5 and declarer underruffs with the 2, then, immediately and without apparent thought, realizes their mistake and plays the 6. The 6 and 2 are now both on the table.

Case 2. Declarer plays the T from hand, LHO plays small, declarer calls a card from dummy and RHO wins the Q. At this point, declarer realizes he had pulled the wrong card and had intended to play the K.

Case 3. Declarer is in 4S. In a four trick end position, declarer claims 12 tricks. The opponents agree. As everyone is putting the cards back, declarer says, "If the squeeze works, I make 13." The squeeze would have worked.

What would you have done?

No, I don't allow any corrections. Bridge must be played by the rules.
I allow the correction only in case 1.
I allow a correction in cases 1 & 2, but not 3.
I allow a correction in cases 1 & 3 but not 2.
I allow a correction in 3 only.
I allow a correction in all three cases. This is the new ethics.

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