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A perfect board

EC RR13 Netherlands vs. Israel Bd. 2

Nothing to the normal auction. Unlike at some table(s), East did not pull.

On the A lead, East made the most strenuous suit preference signal possible, and West duly shifted to a low diamond (obviously, cashing the Ace would help declarer), catering to either the king or a void. The diamond was also the lowest possible. Note that declarer is pleased with a club return, and also encouraged with the 2 (when declarer doesn't hide the 2-spot, a defender should think).

East cashed the A, as partner gave count.

All was clear as East now continued ace-and-another trump. And Muller ducked the 10!. Getting it right at the table was impressive. If declarer had taken the 10, then he would have been endplayed into losing two more diamonds. Instead, East was the one who was endplayed into resurrecting dummy's black-suit winners.


In case it's not obvious, I'm a big fan of Muller. I just thought it was cool that declarer lost three trumps holding KQJ-to-seven.

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