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A Poll from the Land of 10,000 Lakes

I have been blessed in being able to play with many talented and creative partners. I have learned much from sitting across the table from them. While most of these players excelled in many areas of the game. I feel they all contributed something special to my bridge education. Some were exceptional declarers, some demon defenders, and some had a knack for bidding the spot cards better than others. Upon reflection I really think that many stood out from the pack in main part because they truly loved the part of the game they excelled at, and took pride in their expertise.

If you had to choose one skill that you really love getting right at the table and took pride in, what would it be?

Playing a hand exceptionally well
Defending a hand exceptionally well
Bidding a tough hand very well
Finding a killing opening lead
Running sucessful interference on the oponents auction
Diagnosing a successful sacrifice
Making a successful winning penalty double
Does'nt matter as long as I win
Does'nt matter as long as I play well

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