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A possibly crazy idea for ACBL skip bid procedure

The stop card is going away soon.  For the longest time, I've been greatly annoyed that some 85-90% of opps just instacall even though I used the stop card.  I wonder if they instacall usually then pause when they have a problem (for the ~10 seconds so it's a break in tempo FOR THEM, but normal if following procedure, so no way to get a ruling), or if their partner would have found a way to do something borderline foolish and gotten in trouble if they had followed procedure instead of instapassing.

Now that the stop card goes away, I think now it's going to be 95% not pausing,  and then some of them are going to argue that the requirement to pause also went away along with the stop card.

So here's my possibly slightly crazy idea for procedure to make a skip bid (as before, consistent usage required, all jump bids, if choose to do this):

  1. Take control of LHO's bidding box, taking it away from them or using your hand over the box if it is affixed to the table.
  2. Make your jump bid
  3. Pause the 10 seconds
  4. Return LHO's bidding box


it's too crazy/aggressive/obnoxious
won't work, opps will just make some mannerisms and make it clear they aren't thinking
I have better idea explained below ...
Nothing will ever get people to use consistent tempo and mannerisms
Only lower level players instacall, they aren't taking advantage of tempo and one shouldn't worry that they are
I kind of like this, might work on some percent of opps, better than nothing ...

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