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A Precision Club Corner

With so many world class players using a precision club system why is there no mention of it in the ACBL Bulletin or Bridge World? Google "precision club" and you will get some references to CC Wei and custom built golf clubs.

The system that I play, Transfer Precision, (created by Tom Edwards and some of his friends) would at first glance appear to have little in common with CC. We show shape first and find controls later. A positive response of 1 says that we have 8+ hcp, a balanced hand and better 's than 's. A 1NT relay by opener asks for a fuller description.

At this point most Precision players might say this is not precision and part ways, claiming irreconcilable differences. Wrong!

We still have many things in common: the 2 club opening, 1 response to 1, 1 (short)

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