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A Pressing Problem For Most Of Us

Below are explained three REAL LiFE situations. I would invite the non-WC bridgewinners members to indicate how many similar (if not quite identical) situations they have experienced.


I ask these questions motivated by the LS scandal. Yes, it is despicable that players can behave like this but in my own experience - 40+ years - I am only aware of one CHEATING situation. Cheating, to me at least, means Deliberately breaking the laws. For most of us, I don't believe that that is an issue. What I do believe is that for the ordinary, serious bridge player those who UNCONSCIOUSLY break the rules are a far greater cause for concern. Does anyone have a magic wand to deal with the UI problem?


1) A competitive auction. We are bidding spades, they are bidding hearts. Over 3S from pards. N tanks and passes. I bid 4S and S bids 5H. We double and play the hand out after obtaining agreement that the hesitation did occur (in accordance with the local regs). I call the sheriff and he removes the 5H. S says "But I was always going to bid 5H. 


2) Ditto to the auction and suits. Over 3S, N hesitates when 3S is passed, S calls 4H. I ask if the hesitation is agreed and S says "no". I call the TD and explain the situation. The TD asks S if N hesitated and S says (direct quote) "It wasn't a long hesitation."


3) Once again similar auction etc. Over 4H (opps), immediate 4S (pards), slow pass,  pass, 5H. After hand, director removed 5H and told NS they had the right to appeal. Appeal duly held. First question from AC chair, "Why did you bid 5H?" Answer - direct quote - "As partner thought about it, I knew he had values."


Each of the three players quoted had at least 10 years experience and the second over 40!


None - I live in a pure and beautiful land
All three, I do not live in a pure and beautiful land

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