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A question for Sim geniuses; Or maybe someone can solve this across all possible hands

We open a 1NT range of 10-12 HCP.

We always upgrade 12 HCP with a five card suit to 1. We always upgrade 12 HCP with a 5 card MAJ to 1MAJ. We never downgrade any 13s, we never upgrade any 9s and we almost never downgrade any 10s (in first and second seats). We upgrade some 12 HCP with a good 5 card suit to 1. However since our 1 - any - 1NT auction always shows 16-18, 1 is not the indicated opening with, for example, 3=3=2=5 and 12 HCPs.

Under these conditions and given an opening bid of 1NT (10-12), how often does Opener have:

1. 10 HCPs

2. 11 HCPs

3. 12 HCPs

4. A 5 card MAJ

5. A 5 card min

6. Would some conditions about fitting 5422s and 6322s into the 1NT opening change any of the above significantly?

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