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A Sad State of Affairs

A few days ago I had a conversation with a friend who was a beginning student about 15 years ago. She was an enthusiastic student and really loved the game. She couldn't get enough.

However, her tune has changed. She said that she was going to the Lancaster Regional with a friend to play in the Gold Rush events for a few days. They both need about 3 gold points to make life master. She stated that after they win their gold "that will be that". In response to my question as to her meaning she said that once they make life master they won't need to play. They definitely won't need to go to tournaments anymore!

This isn't an elderly woman. She is in her 50's. Just the person the league is targeting.

When I reminded her of the fun of learning and playing the game she shrugged. She said she will have accomplished her goal.

This is what has come of the league's focus on points and the relative ease with which one can make Life Master. Unfortunately that train has left the station but do we really need more flights and strats? Can we focus a bit on the game and not the points?

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