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A story from the weak club -2

You got second place out of six with her as a partner,” said Claude. “So what? Statistically, this is an absolutely normal result.”

“100$,” I replied. “You get 50% or more with her as a partner and I will pay you 100$ from my pocket.”

“How many attempts do I have?” inquired Claude.

"As many as you want, until the first success,” I clarified and we shook our hands.

There are several players in our club who pretend to be “the best player of the club”. Claude is one of them and it is not an empty claim. Always smiling,  retiree with a very good taste of humor, Claude knows something about the game. Decades ago, he was a regular in the ACBL games, and had some successes on the regional level. You can call him any names you want, but nobody ever called him stupid. Anyway, taking that bet was a mistake on his side.

She was happy. Usually it required about a month for her to find a partner, but as soon as she got second place, magic happened - she was invited for the first time in many years. And it was not a beginner who invited her, it was Claude, himself!

Claude knew that that game could be a serious test for his nerves and he was well prepared. He put on his special “You look like I need a drink” T-shirt. Well, he did not forget a drink either.

“I am planning to have a drink every time she makes a mistake,” he explained. “It will help to alleviate the pain.”

Pure Claude. He grossly overestimate his health. Having a drink every time she made a mistake with that partner, meant to have a bottle of whiskey at one draught. He stopped smiling by the board 4. After the board 7, for the first time in my life, I saw Claude screaming at his partner. I really like that guy, so let me not describe his behave for the rest of that tournament...

The next week, Claude decided to repeat the attempt, but without whiskey. Sober and serious, he actually tried his best to get a good score. Partner did not present him with a single chance.

"She did not allow me to declare a single board," complained Claude. "I open 1 – she reply 1NT. I repeat my spades – she bid diamonds. I bid 4 and she jumps to 6NT. You know how many spades she held? Five! I still can’t believe I did not kill her!"

After that tournament, Claude spent 2 weeks in South Africa hunting. I know I am partially at fault for the death of several innocent animals there.

Our bet is still valid, but Claude performed no more attempts to fulfill it. If anyone can blame him for it, it is not me.

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